How to get the Victoria Beckham Look for Less

Having a daily uniform, a certain combo of clothes that you opt for in the morning, can save valuable time if you (like me) like to click the snooze button one too many times. A person who definitely has a well known (and well put together) daily uniform is Victoria Beckham, designer, mother and hard working woman. She manages to look chic wherever she goes even thou she probably does not get enough sleep and has to balance work and family time. Victoria Beckham managed to completely change her image and how the world looked at her, she went from Spice Girl singer to respected and hard working woman in the fashion industry. She is a boss and such an inspiration to not only me but so many other women, and she dresses impeccably! So here are five key factors to getting that Victoria Beckham, effortlessly chic look for less.

Tip No.1: Large Cuffs

DSC_1779 A safe card when it comes to clothing is shirts, it can look both casual and put together depending on what you pair it with. But to take it to the next level and making a daily outfit a bit more unusual, fun and interesting, opt for a shirt with large cuffs which even VB herself not only tend to wear but she has also implemented it into her designs.

Tip No.2: Over accentuated details – Preferably bows

VB herself tend to over accentuate different kinds of details such as an overly large polo-neck, huge ruffles and clutches, etc. I’d like to put the spotlight on bows simply because they are very much in trend at the moment, I can see them across the neckline on clothing pieces from high street brands and retailers as well as upper high street such as Karen Miller, and luxury brands such as Dior and Gucci. A very easy detail that tends to be in one season, out the next only to come back in a few seasons to come.

DSC_1799Tip No.3: Very long, flare-esk pants.

DSC_1793VB herself tend to wear pants that are so long, she drags the bottom of the legs on the floor. It’s a miracle she doesn’t step on her own pants and fall. Personally I wouldn’t be comfortable with that kind of length for everyday use, I went for a flare-esk inspired tailored pant that reaches the floor if I don’t wear heels. Perfect length though. If you are petite like me, this will make your legs look taller as it gives that “infinity pool/ water fall” effect. Which is perfect for me as I’m always on the hunt for tips and tricks to make me look a little bit taller.


Tip No.4: Sunglasses… even when it’s raining.


DSC_1783There’s always a reason to wear sunglasses. When it’s sunny, you wear them to avoid being blinded by the sun. When it’s raining, you wear them to avoid getting rain in your eyes. When it’s windy, you wear them to avoid the wind in your eyes which will prevent you from getting teary-eyed which in turn will prevent your makeup getting ruined. And last but not least, when it’s snowing you wear sunglasses to avoid getting blinded by the frosty, white snow. Once again; there’s always a reason to wear sunglasses.

Tip No.5: Wear minimum makeup.


Because honestly, do we really need to wear foundation, concealer, highlighter, bronzer, powder, mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow, brow products, lipstick and you-mention-it every single day? Not really. Different your party-makeup to your everyday makeup and your life will be so much easier. Simply slap on a good moisturizer, some concealer where it is necessary and if you are not comfortable going that bare, put on some foundation, some powder, a bit of mascara and a lip balm or  other lip product and you’re good to go. But before you leave the house, brush through your brows, at lest if you have dark hair. Mine tend to look like messy bushes if I don’t brush them upwards and for that I use the benefit angled brow brush and spolie.

Getting dressed and putting on makeup barely takes me more than 20 minutes in the morning as I tend to wear minimum makeup and I have an idea of what I am going to wear for the day; a shirt with an interesting detail (I’ve stocked up on those) and a pair of tailored trousers, shorts or a skirt (depending on the weather). Dresses and cute tops are saved for events such as get-togethers with friends or family.




I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and maybe gotten some tips and tricks that you can implement into your own life!


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