How to Make an Outfit go from Day to Night

Like many people nowadays, I don’t have the time to run home from school or work and change my outfit if I have an event or a cocktail-gathering during the evening. An often when I’ve brought an outfit change with me, I’m either wearing the wrong kind of lingerie or the wrong kind of shoes for the second outfit.


The easiest way to go from day to night, is to wear the same outfit the entire day and simply change one thing: accessories. It’s easier for your shoulders as you don’t need to carry an entire outfit in your bag, and it’s time efficient as you don’t need to struggle out of your tight jeans or shirt, the only thing you need to do is put on a more eye-catching necklace or change shoes.


I paired a cropped, cold-shoulder Zara blouse with black tailored flare pants from H&M, my statement jewelry; Marc Jacobs watch, Hermés Bracelet, a Tiffany’s and a Pandora ring, and Dior earrings. For maximum comfort and getting that sports lux vibe that I’m loving right now, I chose a pair of Nike Zoom Pegasus 33.



To make the outfit more night/”party” appropriate I changed into a pair of K.Cobler pink leather shoes and put on a more eye-catching necklace. And oldy put goody in my collection that I never wear because it’s nothing special. The material is not even close to the same quality as my statement jewelries, so I tend not to wear it.


I’ve meantioned my statement jewelries many times before and how I’d rather spend that extra penny on something that is going to hold for a long time, something that I will cherish and pass on to my children. I’ve worn these pieces almost every single day since I bought them, and now I feel naked without them.

As you can see I’m wearing my statement jewelries in every photo but not that “low-quality-shopping-mall”-necklace. That is why I’d rather spend an extra penny on high quality accessories, and this day to night accessory change is no exception. I’m still on the search for that perfect, high quality necklace that I will be able to wear every day and AUrate -New York has just that kind of jewelry, the kind that you’d feel gorgeous in, wear every day, cherish and pass on to your children.

AUrate – New York has a good range of different gold earrings, everything from these simple, Gold Bar Earrings, to larger more detailed once like these Gold Disk Earrings with white diamonds. And we all know that “Diamonds are a girls best friend”. All though I couldn’t help having a look at their earrings, personally I just got a pair that I adore. I’m on the hunt for those two necklaces and managed to find quite a few on AUrate’s website, but these were my favourties.


For the day time, I’d opt for something laid back and less eye-catching which is why I fell in love with this gorgeous Flower Necklace in 14k gold with diamonds. Dainty and perfect for the daytime, I’d definitely feel like a million bucks if I wore diamonds during the day!


And for the night time I’d opt for something bigger and a little more glam, which is why I love this chocker inspired Tapered Solid Necklace in vermeil.

What I love about these necklaces is that they will never go out of style, which is key when you’re looking for statement jewelries that you’d cherish and pass down to your children. My mother has something similar to the flower necklace above that she bought when we were in the Middle East eight to nine years ago. That was a long time ago, yet – as proven – it hasn’t gone out of style.

What made me fall for AUrate is the entire idea behind the company. They use ethically sourced materials and they are giving back to those less fortunate – for each piece of jewelry that you purchase, an economically underprivileged child recieves a book. Not for every purchase but for every piece you purchase. How great is that? This would make me cherish my piece of jewelry from AUrate a thousand times more than a piece from another brand in the industry. If you want to read more about how AUrate works, simply click here, and their history is quite interesting. I actually enjoyed reading about the company which is quite rare.

Changing your day outfit to a night outfit has a certain feeling, you feel satisfied, fresh and more beautiful as you change to a night outfit. And seperating your “day jewelry” from your “night jewelry” will give that same feeling, at least it did for me. And I can assure you that buying jewelry from brands like AUrate will make a massive difference and the feeling of putting something like those necklaces or those earrings on, will make you feel like a million bucks after taxes. Not only because of the material, but also because you know that you’ve contributed to charity, you’ve given something to those less fortunate.


I was kindly given a 10% off discount code to share with you, so if you’re not already considering to invest in a piece of jewelry from AUrate, it’s time to reconsider! The code is “AUrateExclusive10”, happy shopping!

This post is in collaboration with but not sponsored by AUrate – New York


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