The Seasonal Boots

For every season, there’s a certain kind of boot that you can wear. I always struggle ’cause nowadays we live in an ever changing climate and the weather seems to be on a roller coaster. At least in my neighbourhoods, it’s 5*C one day and then suddenly -10*C the other day. So I thought I’d put together a little something for everyone to get some inspiration on how to choose the perfect boot for different days of this season.

The Warm Days (2*C and up)


I’ve been into the formal yet casual look lately, a combination of costume trousers, a top and a pair of boots that don’t look too shabby yet not to formal. Something chic yet comfortable and that can be worn to school or work as well as the AW and dinner with friends or associates.

dsc_1345So what better than a pair of costume, high shine boots with a robust sole. Not too warm yet not too cold with a pair of good socks! Yes, I like to be fashionably warm so i opted for the classical ugly, stripy socks that somehow feels like a necessity with costume shoes.


The shoes were the center piece of the outfit and went perfectly with a pair of well fitted, black costume trousers with a trendy twist – flare. But let’s be completely honest, the flare was in during the 80’s and 90’s, came back a few years ago and is here to stay.

To complete the outfit, I went for a 100% cashmere, oversized, grey, V-necked jumper from Max&Co (similar here!) to keep me warm even without a jacket. And of course, my statement jewellrey, bracelet from Hermés, the Marc Jacobs Baker watch, the heart to heart ring by pandora and the Paloma Picasso for Tiffany’s olive leaf ring.

This casual yet classic look opted for a splash of colour on the lips, so I went for the classic red colour from Giorgio Armani; Lip Maestro in number 402 and Smooth SIlk Lip Pencil in number 8.

The Colder Days (0*C and under!)

This outfir calls for more layers and better shoes!



To keep myself warm, I went for the classic, monogrammed Burberry cashmere scarf, a wonderful Christmas gift, and a blush pink teddy jacket. On my feet I’m wearing a pair of riding shoes inspired leather boots. The small details, like the gold metall studs, give the boots a uniqueness that suited my taste.

Next on my list is a pair of cowboy-inspired boots, and a place that has a huge variety of choices is King Ranch Saddle Shop, a US-based company that sells high quality leather goods. They sell everything from bags, hone and office goods, luggage and saddles! One of their specialties are authentic cowboy boots. For us ladies they even have  stylish cowgirl boots. Personally I fell for these perfect brown, cowboy inspired boots. I’ll have to settle with my oldies but goodies at the moment, but my next shoe investment will be the once above!


As I meantioned earlier, I’ve been into the dressy, costume pants type of look. So I decided to let the rest of the outfit run on the same theme, yet stil be based on the shoes. Therefore i paired these with high waisted costume pants from H&M that had the cute detail of two gigantic buttons on the pockets.


I’m a very small person, I think even Lady Gaga is taller than me, which means I have a hard time finding high quality shirts from say Ralph Lauren or Comme des Garçons, that actually fits properly. Fortunately for my wallet, I managed to find the perfect shirt from no other than H&M!

This shirt fits perfectly on me! A cropped, white and blue striped shirt in 100% cotton with the modern twist of subtle belle-sleeves. The red colour of the text “Never look back” matched perfectly with the Burberry silk twilly scarf I wrapped as a bow around my neck.

To complete the outfit I threw on my statement jewelries, my Michael Kors crossbody bag, and I was good to go!


This is how we dress in Sweden, a thick and chunky jacket over a thin layer. No one wants to freeze their bum off but no one wants to sweat either! Putting on a pair of good shoes and throwing on a good scarf will go a long way, and layering is key!

This post is in collaboration with but not sponsoerd by King Ranch Saddle Shop.


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