The Perfect Fall Date Night Outfit

Fall in my part of the country lasted for about two weeks. Now it’s snowy, colourless and absolutely freezing! This year Winter decided to creep up when we least expected it, on the first of November! But I still thought I’d put this post together as the fashion is pretty much the same, and so is the point of this content!

Whenever I set up plans to go out with a friend, a group of friends, family or that special someone, I always ask myself the same question; What should I wear?


Depending on location and situation, you want your outfit to not only say something about you, but feel a certain way. Comfortable, sexy, safe, you name it.

dsc_1267Fall for me is a time to get all cozy and quite comfy wherever you are, so in this particular case (and because I live in a tini tiny city), me and my date went to Clarion Collection Hotel Bergmästaren in a quite hidden and calm part of downtown. Just to give you some perspective on how tiny my city is, we don’t have any hotel, café or restaurant that serves afternoon tea. None. The most similar I could find was Clarion Collection’s Afternoon Sweet.



Because we didn’t go to a fancy restaurant, I could dial down the glamour and go for a casual yet dressy outfit consisting of this gorgeous Self Portrait inspired top from Zara, high waisted, tailored pants from H&M, and over-the-knee boots in suede by K.Cobler.


The lovely lacy bits and the single, satin ruffle just above the chest and on the sleeves of the top makes it more dressy and very feminine whilst the dark-foresty green colour screams Fall. Tucked into a pair of high waisted pants, the outfit highlights those feminine parts that we all love. It creates an illusion of more curves which never goes wrong on a date night!

Paired with these over-the-knee boots in the most gorgeous material, and some accessories and the outfit was completed. I’ve always found over-the-knee boots to be quite sexy. Perhaps it’s the unusual design or the fact that they go up to your thighs, whatever it is, I love them. And with my statement jewellrey, a hat and a faux-fur coat, I had my perfect date-night-outfit.

In this Post:
Top – Zara | Pants – H&M | Boots – K.Cobler | Bracelet – Hermés | Watch – Marc by Marc Jacobs | Left hand Ring – Tiffany’s | Right hand Ring – Pandora. But having the perfect outfit doesn’t guarantee confidence. I’ve found that even if I go out in a simple t-shirt and a pair of ripped jeans, it is the lingerie that creates that boost of self-esteem. Putting on a sports-bra or a plain t-shirt bra doesn’t exactly make me happy or boost my confidence, but gorgeous lace and detailed lingerie makes me feel a million bucks.


I would love to buy myself some new Victoria’s Secret lingerie every month, but a bra for £50 is not exactly an ideal price for me as a student. But there are always alternatives, and what better than an alternative that has been featured in magazines such as ELLE, GLAMOUR, Marie Claire and InStyle? What better than an alternative that fits every shape of body and offers your first set of lingerie for $19,95?

I’m talking about AdoreMe. They offer a variaty of different designs, they even have a quick and easy quiz that you can take to discover what style you like the best. How fun and innovative is that!


From what I’ve read, heard and searched on their own site, the comfortlevel seems pretty high considering they have a lot of different styles and design their lingerie to fit every bodyshape. And chances of your self-esteem being boosted is definitely guaranteed! So if you feel like treating yourself or someone you know to something special for the holidays, or if you simply need a little pick me up, have a peak at AdoreMe‘s website for some of the most gorgeous lingerie you’ve seen for a reasonable pricepoint! Have a look at their instagram account for some gorgeous photos, inspo and better look at their wonderful items. And don’t forget to click the follow button, that way you’ll be kept updated on their newest arrivals.

Great lingerie should almost feel like an extension of yourself, since it’s what you wear directly on your skin.

Helen Mears
Head of Design


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